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Aerial Photos & Videos
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We shoot drone photos and videos for Long Island companies looking to enhance their services with powerful imagery taken from angles that cannot be achieved through traditional photography. Whether the shots you need are for properties, site inspections or something off the wall, contact us. Safety and customer satisfaction are the highest priorities with every project you give us.

New & Existing

  • Document project progression. Use periodically or one time.

  • Track your inventory. See and track location of assets and materials.

  • Increase safety. Provide data for inspections quickly and safely.

Aerial picture of construction real estate taken with a drone


Commercial & Residential

  • Engage your buyers. Provide captivating views of the entire property and its unique qualities.

  • Stand out. Gain more listings by offering sellers the most advanced media for marketing their property.

  • Customize videos. Showcase the property the way your client wants to while branding your company.

  • Go the distance. Use beautiful panoramic shots to show the neighborhood and surrounding area.

1 Woodlawn_Oakdale_16.jpg


Outdoor Activities & Events

  • Market your property the new way. Spruce up your marketing materials and website with dramatic aerial images and video footage of your golf course, country club, marina, park or beach. 

  • Fly high and low. Show your property from different perspectives, and zoom in on special areas.

Stony Brook University Athletic Facility_Uncropped.jpg


As drone technology continues to grow, so do the ways drones can be used in the field.  If you have a project in mind that is not listed here, please reach out to us and we'll see if it can be done.


Part 107 Remote Pilot

ATP Corporate Pilot

Flight Instructor


Full Liability Policy of Aircraft Insurance held for UAV Commercial Operations


Authorizations to operate at night and to operate in controlled airspace throughout Long Island

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